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 London Life Coach
  1. How to quickly discover the life-changes that will make a real difference to you
  2. Tips and tricks in email follow-ups that cut through fog and uncertainty to reveal where you should make an effort
  3. Easy-to-use questionnaire that helps you zero in on what really matters to you right now
  4. A gently-strong step-by-step approach to making sense of your current life situation. 
  5. Top-secret way to call in life-coaching support if your DIY efforts are floundering
What will you find in "60 Minutes to a Midlife Clarity"?
Hi, I’m Lee. I’m an experienced life coach and mentor based in London, UK. Since 2003, I have coached thousands of Women from all walks of life towards happier lives. I help my clients navigate through major life challenges and offer wisdom and guidance with career, relationships and spiritual-evolution.
I help Women Navigate Midlife Transition
Mid Life Crisis? I can Help
Are you ready to take a good look at yourself and understand how you could walk a happier path?

Do what you always did
Get what you always got
Change something!
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Many stories of Re-Invention start with pain.

I often work with women aged between 40 and 55 who are "successful" from the outside with mapped-out lives. The challenges and uncertainties of mid-life have crept in. They called in support so they could take control of their journey. To make-sense, perhaps Re-Invent.

Perhaps everything seems up in the air. But what is he up to? I can also support you through your husbands surprising behaviours. Whatever, an inner calling for change towards a happier ride should be honoured. I can help you gain clarity and support you through a midlife transition.

Maybe you can feel marriage fractures or love life complexities. Maybe dreams feel unfulfilled. Simple happy loving journey is compromised, depression could creep in. Grief, a career change or a deeper spiritual calling is could be in the picture. Options feel diminished.

Solo efforts to navigate these uncertain waters are leaving you unsure where to turn or who can help you out.

I have developed a Free Life Coaching Worksheet that will help you evaluate the opportunities for change in your Midlife Transition. It is a simple 12-page process that will help you establish where to start to take control. It is called 60 Minutes to Midlife Clarity and I'd love to share it with you... 
Clarity - just a click away!
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